Hey guys,
I was wondering for a couple of years (a couple..), how a musician can think on what note to play. What is reccomended if you want to play a scale in various modes? How efficient can be a guitar solo if you play a minor pentatonic in the note of A, on the 5th fret if you do it only visually, and you don't care about the notes you're playing in? Is it important to know the notes? How to start if you want to "think" when you are doing a solo?

I'm also curious about what people can tell about this common blues harmony (of course regarding the scales):

C - F - C - C7
F - F#dim - C - C
G - G - C - G
end : C7 - C7

Thank you!

ps.: sorry for my bad english
i don't know what are you talknig about but i also cannot good english where you come from xDD soory XDD
knowing the notes is pretty important, but not necessary, all thats necessary is really understanding how the notes sound... so ya, you can be playing without knowing what notes your playing and actually be playing some really sick music.

Lot's of musicians I know can name all the notes on the guitar if they take their time kinda going through something slow... but really as musicians we are more concerned with how something sounds rather than what something is.

if you play your minor pentatonic in A at the fifth fret, you can write some good music... but I generally find it quite limiting and boring staying in just one position for a long time...

So, basically, learning the notes is an advantage, it can open up new ideas and new patterns to you, but its not necessary, because if you play long enough your brain will intuitively understand how something is going to sound without even knowing what your playing.
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