Too many guitars. This has a total of 10 minutes playing on it. Neck is straight, the frets are NOT sticking out the side of the neck like so many squiers I've tried and owned. Amazing quality on these guitars for the price. Solid body not ply. White finish with a bit of blue in it. I think the humbucker is weak, that was the only thing I didn't like about it. $110 Shipped CONUS
Model is SST OWL save yourself minimum $30 from buying it from Rondo. It's $125 + Shipping new from them.

If you want all the specs:

  • Dual cutaway solid Alder body allows access to the highest frets
  • The body is contoured for hours of comfortable play
  • Note Color is white with touch of light blue in it
  • Two single coil and one humbucker pickup, one volume and two tone controls plus a five way pickup selector switch create all of today’s great sounds
  • Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo
  • Truss rod adjustable Maple neck with Rosewood reinforcement for extra stability
  • Rosewood fretboard, 21 jumbo frets
  • The vintage look is furthered by the Aged Cream colored tone controls, pickup rings, dot inlays and whammy bar cap
  • Three-ply pickguard (White, Black, White)
  • D’Addario strings are installed at the factory
  • Actual weight is only 8.5 lbs
  • Overall length is 39" including the strap button
  • Width at the widest point is 13"
  • Width of the neck at the nut: 1 5/8"; at the 22st fret: 2 1/8" Body thickness is 1 3/4".
  • Scale length is 25.5" Neck radius: 13.7" (350mm)

Ah I would if it was a different color....
Free bump, good luck with the sale.
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Damn, I would totally buy that if I wasn't saving for an amp and a PGM-301. That's pretty awesome looking. Hopefully sounds as nice as it looks. I'm sure you'll sell it fast. Good luck!
I thought the humbucker was weak, I would suggest throwing a better one in. but hey throw in a used humbucker got yourself a nice player.

Me, I have 2 kids, a dog, and 15 other guitars, so finding time to play with this is at the bottom of the list.
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Quote by clomon

Well I played it only for a short amount of time, but it stayd tuned perfectly. No issues with the Floyd.

How's the frets on it? < ---- NM skipped right over the Frets part.. D'OH.

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