i have a little fender g-dec 30. i never really use it anymore because i have nicer amps, but i want to try to mod it. some of the things id like to be able to do consist of

1) making the loop on it not so ghey... i.e. when you stop the loop, it tends to cut the signal or add a bit so your loop is not anywhere near accurate. the loops on my jam man and dl4 are so accurate and this thing just ruins it.

2)making the delay signal, or any signal for that matter, not dicipate when you switch channels.

3)getting rid of the second of blank space when you switch channels, i.e. if you switch from a delay to a distortion, there is a second where there is no sound whatsoever. it really destroys and flow the song had up to that point.

thank you for any help you can give
Fender G-decs are very digital, and very solid state, meaning they're more or less insanely hard to mod unless you plan on changing the speaker or cosmetics or replacing the entire amp circuit.
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I'm not sure you can even do anything to that amp. If it's possible it would cost a lot to get done or if you want to do it yourself...well I dunno it's not worth the time and effort for an amp like that.
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