I'm thinking of buying a digitech rp90 or something like that but I want to be
sure that its worth it.
i have the rp 80. dont get it unless you need something to practice with.
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well if you're a begginner sure, why not, but if your intermidiate don't get one
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I also have the rp200, it was cool, but now i don't like it as much cause you have to use different channels for everything even if you just want to add one small effect to the sound.

its ok tho, probably get something else in my opinion
I have a vox da5 right now and all I want is switchable channels with effects.
It's good if you're a beginner and you're exploring effects. A friend of mine has one.. sounds horrible to my ears. But, whatever might sound bad to me, may sound great to you. I would suggest playing around with it before you buy it though..
I own the Rp70, I like it a lot. But wish I had a better Rp at least with more stuff. Also this is my first multi effect pedal so what the hell do I know lol *shrugs*

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