I was about to play my Deam ML X but when I picked it up, I had my foot on the
Audio cable and it ripped out my output jack. I put the screws back in but they
just fell out the next day. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!
hurry before I begin to suffer from guitar withdrawl!
use a wood plug?
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About the LHC

stick a toothpick in each screw hole and screw away. it will give the screw something to grab onto. or go to home depot and get the woodfiller stuff. toothpicks have worked for me though.
break the head of some matchstick glue them in the screw holes when its dry re screw them in and your cured from guitar withdrawl
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when i put in new my straplocks i used toothpicks and wood glue.. worked pretty good

+1. had to sort out my strap lock holes too. I used matches instead. Works a treat.
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