i have a marshall MG30dfx amp... i discovered today that if i run my guitar into it and run a cable out the line out into another small amps input i can play through the other amp...

my question is can i run my marshall amp into a cab and use it as a head? if it is possible can it get louder than 30watts? or will it only be able to play 30 watts through the cab?
The line out isn't powered so no. If you have speaker outs on the back of your amplifier, then you could use it with a cabinet.

And for future reference, this should be in Guitar Gear and Accessories.
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what do you mean by it not being powered?
because the marshall amp is connected into a power supply... so does that mean that its powered?
you can not connect it to a cab unless it has a speaker out, as stated, and it would still be only 30 watts...