So i am interested in buying a mandolin, but i know nothing about them. So i have a few questions; what are some good brands that aren't to expensive? How easy is it to learn with a few years of guitar experience? Is this a good one?
i dont know much about them, but for that price, i doubt it is very good quality.
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there is nothing written about the woods (except for the fretboard), so I assume it's made from plywood with a solit top maybe, which is not too good if you have the intention to play it professionally. Remember: plywood = worse sound quality than solid wood, and it's not quite as loud. But for a beginner that would be okay I guess. But you're better off going into a local store and trying out a mandolin instead of buying one over the internet.
Rogues are pretty good if you're first learning how to play. They sound ok (not good, but ok), and they're cheap. If you don't know how to play one, I'd suggest a rogue.
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I got one a couple months ago - pretty basic model. I guess there are a couple body shapes, one that looks like a big gourd with a huge round body on it - probably the old fashioned kind. but I got this epiphone one, its a small body with an electric imput, but it sounds great unplugged too.

it was like $200 I think.

as far as learning it - its the same as a fiddle/violin in how the strings are set up and tuned. thats G D A E - so its also like playing a bass upside down or a guitar upside down without the two highest strings. I picked it up pretty easily, just taking guitar chords and playing them upside down on the mando

its good - theone ou have picked out looks like it'll do the trick to learn on and if you havea mic Im sure you could play it wherever. we're using it as just an accessory to a few of our songs now, its a good touch and people respect a band thaqt doesnt just want to shred on some ibanezlockingtremwhateverammountofopickupsandlokcingthisandthat
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Maybe you should consider buying an Ibanez mandolin. They are more expensive than rogues, but I tried one once and it was actually very decent. For a little extra cash you can get one with a pickup, too.
ok, thanks to everyone that helped, i'll probably go to the music store near me and check them out.
I bought the exact same model Rogue Mandolin a year ago just to screw around with and it basically proved the adage that you get what you pay for. The action was so high as to be practically unplayable. Fixing it would have required some pretty major woodworking - the bridge adjustments were already at the lowest point and there was no truss rod for the neck. I eventually gave up in frustration.

A little while ago I picked up this Washburn starter mando kit after trying it out in the store first:


This was a much better deal and a far better instrument. I'm actually playing that one quite a bit now and can recommend it as a good starter.
I play mando and it's not that tough if you know how to play guitar. After a few months, I was able to shred quite easily thanks to the inch long frets. You just need to have really precise hands.

As for the Rogue, it's a piece of garbage, but it'll work. The Washburn above me is a far better choice.
i've got a brunswick MM300PB
im not sure if its available now but it cost bout £139 maybe a tad more im not sure my dad brought it.........never played it, so now and then i pick it up and make up my one little tunes
you cant shred on a mandolin....
Get a Fender acoustic electric mandolin. That's what I got and it's great! Only about $200 too!
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I play and i have a pretty good old hickory right now. I started with something similar to that Rogue. Like previously stated they are good to start with and you will soon want to buy a new one because youll wanna just keep playing like always.

I actually started with mandolin and moved to guitar but i think you wont have too much of a problem switching, your fingers may hurt a lil more, and youll have to get used to the 7ths instead of 5ths but its alot of fun. Enjoy.

EDIT: to the guy that said you cant shred on a mandolin, when i whip out my mandobird you can be ready for some wicked mandoshred action. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-MandobirdVIII-?sku=518428
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