hey guys, i had to do a project earlier this year in creative writing and we had to find random words and make it into something, without changing fonts or anything. this is what i got from it, i kind of like it. c4c if you leave a link.

Danger. Music Scare.
Communism? Hypocrite Revolution.
DEATH!! Love failed...
Crack Addicted Drug Related
Possess Crisis.
Garage. Grunge Carnage.
Self Destruction. Depressed Demon (crucifix!)
Ecstatic Victim. Strange:
Isolated Heretic.
Kill. Shock. Die.
Cult, Reincarnate suicide. WAR!
Mutilate... Decapitation.
Nazi's silencing the politically unknown.
Torture. Emphatically Hysterical!
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Well, I'm stumped, lol. I'm guesing from the title that that is the effect this piece is supposed to convey? I'm not entirely sure what you mean by taking random words and making them into something, as it's nothing that I've come across before. But from what I can see there seems to be a message of vindication running throughout this piece and I noticed that is the word which ends the piece, as if you have finally found vindication in what you have been doing? It's kinda like an attack on society from the way I read it.

I like it, good job. Perhaps you could explain a little more about the project and maybe it will help me to understand it a little better?

C4C on my latest song? here's the link, hope you like it!

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