and my parents are really pissed at me. I lost 'em at school. I usually never do anything this bad, and we got in a huge fight. Now, I have no access to a car, and it's a winter wonderland here in michigan

what should i do until i get access to the car/get my keys found by someone (besides guitar)?

call car dealership/locksmith/commit suicide
You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!
blame hoffman
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at quailman

ughh. i wish i had been more careful this morning keep the advice coming, UGers!
I lost my keys last year, then found them a few months later. But, I had asked my grandparents for their key, because they had my spare.
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I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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i live in michigan, i have not seen your keys, sorry

I would keep checking the lost and found at school and see if they turn up, usually a janitor will turn them in but I can see most students taking the keys and finding the car it goes to...

I would either have new keys made and change the locks on the car (as well as the code for the wireless key fob if you have that setup too) just so nobody can get into your car if they do in fact have your key still...

I always keep spare keys around but never loose any of them either...