I usually use radioblogclub.com, but their website often goes down for maintenance. Any suggestions on where I can listen to free music from a large music library?

I swear by Last. FM
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youtube sucks for listening to free music im sorry.
pandora is better
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A music store?

There's usually music playing in those...

EDIT: woops. you said online. In that case pandora.
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Youtube quality sucks, Pandora is way better.
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Youtube, Pandora, Last.fm , Launch (by yahoo).

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Youtube quality sucks, Pandora is way better.

A lot of the songs I download I just find the music video on youtube and use audacity to record it. If you find a good audio on youtube you won't know the different from listening to a CD or the one I recorded.
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www.webn.com... its a local rockstations site but on the right hand side there a music on damand place where you can listen to anything you want

Right click and then click "Save target as..." to download. Today I downloaded "The Planets". 9 movements by Gustav Holst. Sometimes you can't download, but most of the time it works for me.
Dizzler... its a free music player it has most songs on it... so go there... or youtube :P
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