so i have two heads and a marshall 4X12 1960 cab. so i was thinking i could switch the cab to stereo cause i only want to use two speakers at one time but only hook up one head so it'll be like only two speakers unstead of 4 like a 2X12. will this work and do u think there will be any problems? thanks
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Yes you can do this. Make sure your wiring skills are decent, and make sure you understand how impedance works.
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You will have to be willing to muck around with a soldering iron. No problems will arise unless you mess up the wiring. I just split up my cab so it is now a 2x12 times 2. I run two heads through it. It involved drilling holes for a new jack and switch. I suggest you also wire in a switch so you can change it back to a 4x12 in an instant. If you'd like i can send you the schematic i whipped up for my cab. But run the two speakers in parallel to two individual jacks. Except on the original jack, run wires two the other speakers, with a switch in between. Just make sure you impedances are correct, or higher than what the amp puts out. Good luck!
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