Lately I've been interested in learning to play metal, after playing blues and classic rock for a while. I've been playing for about 4 years now.

I don't have much theory yet, but I'm hoping to learn some non-shred metal (I need something easy to start). I'm not interested in metalcore or anything like that.

I just got into listening to Black Sabbath a few days ago and maybe you can recommend some easy old-school metal songs from them or other bands like them.
for whom the bell tolls- metallica

also iron maiden- any song would be great to learn.
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You ought try to push yourself if you want to get any better. Learn some Metallica, great example of classic metal.
Metallica aren't as old as Sabbath but they are Thrash Metal and have some fairly easy songs to play such as Wherever I May Roam. Fade To Black is a quieter song by Metallica but a good one to learn nonetheless.
sweet leaf - black sabbath classic riff thats instantly recognisable and also all those other sabbath songs listed... also early Alice Cooper (love it to death to the first greatest hits, basicly the original Alice) is alot of fun to play after you have gotten the hang of it (remember im 18 was 1971, not long after cream, and compared to that... Alice was very heavy... at least for the time)
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Start with Metallica - it's a perfect launchpad for metal. Lots of songs, lots of variety, and loads of tabs/info out on the ol' introweb.

That's where I started
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Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I'll start with those Black Sabbath songs, and some stuff by Alice Cooper. They should be a good starting point.

The thing is, I do like some Metallica and Iron Maiden songs, and I know that I shouldn't have much problems with the rhythm parts and the riffs. But for right now, most of their solo's will be kind of out of my league, at least until I get more experience sweep-picking, learning the scales and modes for metal, etc... I'm used to slower-paced songs, so I can't see myself jumping into shred stuff right now.

But I'm planning to practice more so I can handle that one day.