Well basically i went on to gumtree looking for a singing teacher but i found the casual relationship ads and well being bored i decided to answer some.. but the thing is im not really interested in any of this and just wondering if its illegal to do **** like this (im 16 so legally ****able hehe) and if any of u guys have ACTUALLY done something like this...how did ur experience go? hehe as you can see im still very bored so yea
well its just a joke and im just checking if im on the right side of the law and all i mean i would apologize to the ppl i've posted to hehe. dw i don't have mental problems Im just seriously bored but thats cured now that i have work ......georgraphy GCSE'S I HATE THEE
in Canada where i live (toronto) the age of consent is 14. its being raised to 16 b/c some of america's pedophiles come here for teenage... you know. not cool. 40-smthing perv+14 girl=
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ehh ok but im just checking if replying jokingly to these things is illegal...oh come on now im wracked with guilt because i've tricked sum sluts lol anyhooo thnk u all for ur help ...oh yes and mods im NOT doing anything illegal...its just a JOKE!!! Im NOTl ooking for sex!