can someone give me a very simple explanation as to what dark matter (or matter) actually is?
Some matter in the universe taht we are unable to detect in conventional methods, but we appear to see the effects of.

Correct me if I'm wrong though, I'm tired.
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matter is anything takes up space (more simply has mass). dark matter is when the scientists added up all the matter that they figured there was in the universe, but came up short to the actual matter that SHOULD be there, so the coined the term dark matter for the missing stuff.

or at least i think thats what it is, someone correct me if i'm wrong.

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right so matter is anything that has weight i guess

therefore is light itself matter?

is space matter? or is it simply nothingness?
I think that's right, I think I'm thinking Anti-matter, so I'm not gonna bother adding to that.
We cant actually see it, but we can see its effects on other objects, such as light.
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I suddenly find it extremely hard not to say 'dark matter? its what comes out of my arse!'

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or go to wikipedia and search for it.
why just get a simple answer? learn some new shit. it's pretty interesting.

ive read wiki, and it has numerous things and theorems i just wana know what it is and what matter is,

all i understand is we cant see it but we can see it's effects on the universe
You take matter put it in a room and turn the lights off.

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can someone give me a very simple explanation as to what dark matter (or matter) actually is?

The world's top Physicists don't know.

They have some really fancy ways of saying this, but for the record: they don't know.

I have a hunch that the whole thing is false and that either the age, total mass and/or total energy of the universe has been miscalculated all along.

That came to me in a dream, and I (in the dream) just about fell apart with tears of joy.

Basically (in the dream) the discovery was made that the Earth is really a couple of hundred million years old and that we had billions upon billions of years left of life on Earth. Life as we know it was just the beginning and there was just oceans of time and space wide open with possibilities and potential.

...or it could work out that we're screwed.

I like my dream version, though.
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Dark matter is a gravitationally attractive force that cannot be seen. It causes stars out the outer rim of galaxies to "move too fast" (they are attracted by this matter) . Einstein discovered this very early and called it the "Lambda Force" cause he didn't know what it was.
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