I bought a Ibanez Roadstar from my Mate and it's currently a HSS configuration. I was thinking to try and get maximum versitility out of this by Making it H-P90-Sustainer. I thought this would be cool but i would need to cut the middle pickup slot to accomodate the P90, so could i please get some measurments? I would also like to know how P90s (not the dogear type) Actually stay onto a pickguard? I don't see screws on either side of the pickup

Also, does a Sustainer work as a standard pickup when the effect is switched off?

Thanks, Tom
p90s screw into into the body of the guitar with two screws going through the pickup and are really meant to be used with guitars tha dont use pickguards
Soapbar P90s don't mount to the pickguard, they mount to the body via two screws. One between the A and D strings, and the G and B strings.

You can see so here. There's also a link to the dimensions.
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I can't speak for the quality/sound yet (peolpe give mixed reviews), but I plan on trying a set of humbucker sized p-90s in a cheap les paul knock off I have just for giggles.
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There are some p90s made to be used with pickguards or rings. I have SD phat cats in a Lp and they direct swap with a humbucker. Just shop around a little.
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Nailbomb humbucker?
Fernandes sustainer?
Neck P-90?
Kaoss pad?
Fuzz Factory?
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