What sound difference will a homemade cab have to a high quality cab?
because i'm going to maybe trade my 5150 or modify it to a head, but i'm wondering what cab i should get, i know a guy who wants to sell me this homemade cab for 100$ (i don't know what speakers) or should i get a _____
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It's all dependant on many factors...If the speakers in that cab are good, if it feels sturdy etc, then yeah, it would be worth it...
Some things to take into account:
Speaker quality
Build quality (sturdiness)
Acoustic dimensions (unless its home made, you dont need to worry bout this)

I suggest you look here: www.avatarspeakers.com cause ive heard really good things about them. They also have a very VERY good price/quality ratio.

Also, since that one is home made, are you sure it fits you impediance wise?
Well the speakers would be the most important thing, but for 100 bucks it can't be good.
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Well if your 5150 is a 2x12 just get another 2x12 to put on bottom. A good speaker cab is at least 300 bucks bc that about how much 4 good speakers cost + labor
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The speakers and cabinet construction are both important. I doubt a home made cab for 100 is worth anything. You could always buy an Avatar cab.
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