1. is it any hassle to play 6 string songs on a 7 string? ive heard that the xtra string can get in the way sometimes and stuff.

2. possibly looking at a peavey valveking as my next amp and changing out speakers and tubes, what speaker would be the best choice for various forms of rock but mostly hard rock and metal?

3. what tubes would be the best choice?

4. would a 50w 112 all tube be loud enough for an auditorium or should i go for the 100w 212?

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The VK can handle metal though you might have to buy an od to tighten it up, also ya the 50 watt version should be more than enough for an auditorium. As for the speaker i cant really give that much good info for, as im also lookin to replace my VKs speaker, but id have to say Celestion G12t-75 or an Emenince Texas Heat. Those are the ones im currently looking at. Im not really sure on the whole 6 string 7 string question.