A great band that gets little recognition on here. Mark Eitzel is an incredible songwriter. Everclear has to be one of the most beautiful and haunting albums ever created.

Any fans?
I've definitely heard of them, but I've never actually listened to them. I know they're kind of similar to Red House Painters (whom I love), right? They're easy to remember, 'cause they both got singer-songwriters named Mark with a 'z' in their last names.
Yeah, Red House Painters and American Music Club are both regarded as the vanguard of the sadcore movement. I dig this band by the way. Mercury is a solid album.
i got a cd of theirs on discount a while back. i think it was ladies and gentlemen or something. it was so so.
edit: it was love songs for patriots
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i had two of their albums set aside on vinyl. they got moved aside and i lost them. it made me sad, but not that sad as i had never listened to them. i only took them on name recognition, now i am sad though because you guys compared them to Red House Painters.
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i got a cd of theirs on discount a while back. i think it was ladies and gentlemen or something. it was so so.
edit: it was love songs for patriots

hmm, I'm not really a fan of that album either. I highly recommend you to listen to Everlcear or Mercury, as they're much better starting points.

They're always compared to Red House Painters mainly becuase they were a huge influence to them. They're more folky than RHP, but I'm pretty sure you'd like Amercian Music Club if you like Red House Painters.
maybe, but i seem to like RHP's electric stuff more than their folky stuff, haha. but i'll give that album a try.
Yeah, if you're looking for a RHP clone you're not going to find them in AMC, but Eitzel's music is beautiful and similar in parts to RHP.

Seem to remember one of the albums was working with one of the guys from REM, think it was Peter Buck on 'Mercury' but I'm not 100% on that.
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I am a big fan of American Music Club.

My favourite period of this band is the Tom Mallon "era", specifically the albums Engine and California, this latter being their best record, in my opinion.

Am also a fan of Red House Painters and other bands of the so-called "slo-core" movement such as: Codeine, Bedhead, Low and Idaho.
i've never really dug these guys, despite the fact that i love other slow/sadcore bands like low, red house painters, codeine and so on.

speaking of which, does anybody know if there's any diffrence between slowcore and sadcore? or is it just different names for the same thing?
Just caught the first gig of their tour. They were fecking amazing! If you have the chance, go and see them.
they are great excellent i love thier new album, very underrated and mark's solo work is great you should check that out.