Is there any way to make some notes switch from ear to ear with out doing it manually (tearing it piece by piece, placing them on seperate tracks and then selecting the R or L side). Is there something you can do, to just highlight it and push a button? Thx

If your having trouble visualizing what I am saying, think the outro to What is and What Should Never Be (Zeppelin) Outro
I'm not sure this is what you are looking for. But, open a new stereo track...then copy the guitar track to that stereo track, both sides. Find the section you want to switch on, use Amplify effect to reduce the volume (I'd move the slider all the way to the left) on the notes on the left track (once you get it set, only thing you have to do is select a section and hit <CTRL> R to repeat it). Then go to the right track and do the opposite notes.

Then..go up to the orginal track and quiet out that section. And go to your stereo side switching track and quiet out everything before and after that section.

There ain't no magic button...just a little bit of work