I bought a used Zakk Wylde Epiphone a couple days ago,it had some fret buzz so I tried to adjust the truss rod,but its stripped,I did get it to trun alittle and I heard a crcking sound and the fret buzz is now worse.What do I do?
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whack it with a sledge hammer


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uh I don't think you can do anything with a stripped truss rod..
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If you can get the nut off the end it can be replaced. Stewmac carries truss rod parts. A shop might be able to do it easier. If not then know why the guy was selling the guitar.
Could a shop change the neck on a set neck or neck through guitar? Sure if it was a bolt on you could easily. I think changing the truss rod is about the only option for you. Take it to a pro. Research and find a good shop first. Can anyone recommend a good shop for the TS?
Unless you are certain it may not be stripped, just corroded or cross-threaded. I would try unstringing and backing the truss-rod out alot, then feel it and see if its tracking in the threads properly. Post on the Ultimate Guitar Setup Q and A Thread by jj1565, she may have some better advice if you don't get satisfaction here. Good luck.
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hey ^

i know this is cheesy, and i wouldnt, but maybe you could raise the action a little at the bridge, stop the buzz, and just return it for "no" reason.

i mean you might have wrecked it, maybe not, but, for sure, there's a problem, and i dont know if ull be the one to fix it.

if not, then repost, maybe we can try to make it more playable. or you could let a different guitar shop look at the truss rod nut see if it's stripped.

is the nut spinning freely now?

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If the hole for the allen wrench is stripped with some work it can be removed and replaced. If its the threads of the actual rod there is a repair kit available to rethread the end. I cant believe a shop would say its easier to remove and replace the neck on a set neck epi then to replace the rod. Necks arent to easy to come by for LPs.