I have an old Randall RH200 with stereo outputs. I accidentally plugged the left output into the right output instead of into the cab... I turned it on and left it on for about 30 seconds wondering why it wouldn't make any noise, then it started to smell like burning and it made a few noises inside the head (like crackling or something). Now the left outputs don't work and the right outputs make a really loud bass noise in the cab.

I'm pretty sure the cab survived (it was the most expensive, I paid like 200 for the head a few years ago). Is there any way to salvage my amp?
Wait are you saying you accidentally plugged the amp back into itself?
How did you manage to do that?

Anyways, it sounds like you broke something for sure. I doubt it would be feasibly repairable for less than it would cost to just go and find a new amp. Solid state amps that are mass produced on PCBs aren't likely to be friendly to service.
Yea, I basically plugged it into itself... there was a tangle of cords from my pedals through the effects loop behind the amp, so I didn't realize what I did with the two cables from the stereo outputs to the cab... I plugged the cab into itself (harmless) and the head into itself (death by electrocution).

I am sad, but a new Randall will come my way once I get the funds
good for you. it's time for u to upgrade to a Randall MTS amp.

GODLY tone.

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haha that was pretty funny
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sorry, it is slightly amuzing.

basically, i agree, buy a new head.

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