So, someone here got me into Pokemon earlier today, and I downloaded the ROM for Crystal, and I've been addicted for the last 4 hours

... Anyways, I can't figure out where to get the TM/how to get one of muh pokaymaNZ to learn cut.


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I haven't played that game in years...
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Just talk to everyone that you meet.

Eventually, you'll find it.

But I think it's a little after the 2nd gym, before the forest.
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You have to find that dude's farfetch'd and in return he gives you cut.

Isn't that Gold/Silver?

I am so ashamed that I know that.
Beakwithteeth is right; the dude with the farfetch'd in the Ilex Forest gives you cut. My little brother is addicted to Pokemon lol.
ugh..... why
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mmm i might get back into it, hang on that would ruin mi sex life and leave me wif out a gf mmmmmmm tough choice lol
Dude i downloaded that ROM too but i couldnt figure out how to save my game. does anyone know if its possible to save in that game?
*insert emo kid joke*

Now that i think of it, it would be damn hard to find an emo kid in pokemon. Maybe he hangs out with the ghastly's or scythers.