does anyone have a clue what pedals say anything uses? i know they use orange amps. i am wondering specifically on alive with the glory of love, but any knowledge would be nice...
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are you honestly saying that i didn't try looking?

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Quote by 1000cleverlines
are you honestly saying that i didn't try looking?

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Ok everyone. I think he made the thread so you could help him not so you could give him a bunch of crap. If you aren't gonna help him get away.
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i did make this thread so i could get help. i did look on google, say anything's website, say anything's forums, and thats about it. i have tried looking. now does anyone want to help me?

Looks like a Tele through an Orange Rocker series head on top of an Orange cab.

A Fender bass (Jazz or P or something) through an Ampeg bass head op top on an Ampeg 8x10 cab.

And a Jazzmaster through an Orange AD series head on top of another Orange cab.

Wasnt so hard was it?
haha, i knew what amps they used. i was wondering if they used pedals. i know they don't have pedals in the video. i kind of assumed they just used the amps but i was unsure.
Well, any of the octave up work they do on the new album, like on the solo/bridge on "Baby Girl, I'm a Blur" is with a Digitech Whammy.

They use something like a Octavia or some kind of fuzz octave on "I Used To Have A Heart".

Max actually used a Fender amp, maybe a Blues Deluxe...? on most of the recordings for ...Is A Real Boy.

Um...that's pretty much all the cursory knowledge I have of their gear, that hasn't been mentioned yet.