This contest will be about who can make the best rock or metal composition.
drums and backing etc. will be recommended to be used and I would prefer it if you created song using your actual guitar (not guitarpro even though guitarpro is acceptable)

I will have a specific time set later when we get some contestents.
go to myspace.com/fireatwill1996 to see some examples of what kind of compostions i mean.

the songs must be structured (not just a 30 sec riff) and don't just send me to a myspace
give a specific name and where to find it.

thanks and good luck!
www.myspace.com/anotherdeadlegend and its called Haunted All Hallows Eve
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you'll be the one who opens the gate.

- Cedric Bixler Zavala

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Am I crazy... or should this be in the Original Recording Contest forum?
Les Claypool
Geddy Lee
Robert DeLeo


...Coincidence? I think not.