On the back of my peavey JSX where the 2 speaker jacks are it says "Speaker Jacks must be parallel."
If you drew straight lines from each of the speaker jacks, the lines would never intersect.

Really, it has something to do with ohm loads...I'm not sure. Free bump, then.
Means "don't run them in series."

In other words, two jacks go to two speakers = no problem.

One jack into one speaker, one speaker into second speaker = problem.

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what.........................i didnt get that.

so can u connect both jacks to one cab for stereo or is it that u connect one jack to one cab and another to another cab?
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Its basically jack one goes to cab one, and jack 2 goes to cab 2, as opposed to jack one going to cabs 1 and 2, or something similar.
o i totally get it now. ill draw a chessy diagram lol. im sure itll help others

head -> jack 1 -> cab 1
\ this is parallel
jack 2 -> cab 2

head -> jack 1 -> cab 1 -> another cable coming out of cab 1 to cab 2

see how that is a "series" and the other is "parallel" its a literal term.........at least in my understanding it is. i am right......right?
Schecter C-1 classic
Takamine GS330S
Roland microcube FTW!
fudge UG killed my diagram i hope it still makes sense.
Schecter C-1 classic
Takamine GS330S
Roland microcube FTW!
from the way i read it, thats right.

honestly, though, it depends ont he amp on wether or not you can run in series. i had a Carvin solid state combo that i used as a head, and you could run the thing in like, 4 diferent configurations.