What should I do with my basement?
I was planning on making it in to a music room but what could I put down there besides just instruments. My band will probably practice there. The space is pretty big so there's alot I can do with it. Also, any suggestions on soundproofing the door. That's all I need to sound proof seeing as that's the only way sound could get upstairs. Any ideas will help.
a really thick door should sound proof it, and you could also make it a gamogn room too (big high def tv + X-box 360 + high speed internet = sweet victory
[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']carpeting + soundproof paneling + sofa & other furniture + band gear = win.

save egg cartons!
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+1 to the couch, you could live down there too, i would. a mini-fridge would be sweet. oooooh and you could set up lights and lasers and smoke and you could have your own stage down there.
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i agree with Tommy...

but I would also throw in a fridge, microwave, cabinet of assorted food, a bong (if you're into that sort of thing), and a kick ass stereo. Maybe some video games haha.
Soundproof everything.

You are totally set then.

You could even install a stereo system if you wanted.
Put a TV down there, some posters, maybe a refrigerator. Also, black lights will look amazing.
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hahaha I was going to ask the exact same thing. We are moving into our house tomorrow, and when the basement is finished (the dumbass workers didn't finish the house so now we have to do it) I get to move into it. So far I am getting a ping pong table.
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a skating rink
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i agree with Tommy...

but I would also throw in a fridge, microwave, cabinet of assorted food, a bong (if you're into that sort of thing), and a kick ass stereo. Maybe some video games haha.

I didn't feel like listing everything

Goddamn, I want a band room now. First I'd have to form a band though...
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pinball machine.
beanbag chairs.
neon lights.
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there is a full bar(with fridge full of beer, tons of liqour) this wierd fireplace thign that I could easily use as a stage, a bathroom, this extra little room, and this huge room. I will probably get a thicker door. My friend is gonna help me fix it up. And we're painting someone's room for like $300 and maybe apply that to the basement. I have a tv + cable down there already. I have two ps2's upstairs (with guitar hero). I don't have any weed *tear* so no bongs. Blacklights would be pimp. Anyone wanna send me one? My mom's friend is giving us this giant reclining lazyboy sectional couch. I has a spoon. I'm probably gonna get stereos, recording equipment and a second small tv down there. I am already getting carpet put in. Damn, I just realized how sick this place is gonna be when I get my new drumset.