He uses


with a 4x10 extension cabinet, and..

He uses a Washburn XB-200 Bass. Sometimes I think it sounds really muddy? It could be his bass. I believe it's like $200 brand new.
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Really muddy? how much does he know about EQing?

tell him to check the FAQ that should clear that up easily. As for quality I agree with the statement above, beginner/intermediate gear. Not bad, but not the best.
Well, I would definately upgrade the bass first. The amp is good enough to hold for a while (until it blows, XD). If he's way too muddy, I'd suggest him turning up the upper mids and treble.
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Throw away the bass, get a jazz and he should be fine.
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^ but don't even think of a Squier one, even vintage modified, i played one today, it was shockingly bad for the price. Better off with a G&L tribute for around the same price
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maybe the bass causes mud or even the EQ
i tried the same amp yesterday at is really awesome
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The first thing I would do is set everything to flat, then make minimal changes as I see necessary. It's usually the manufacturer-specific features like "Boost valve effect" or "sub" that muddy up sounds by adding extra harmonics.
That could just be the way your bassist set's his tones. Washburns are usually pretty good at not sounding like crap.

But I've noticed this, "My bassist" thing begin to pop up. And they all use the same tone as, "I think my dog has worm, what should I do?"

Not to point the direction at the TS, but seriously! Anyone else notice this, or am I just ranting again?
youre being delusional again, haha. im just messing with ya.

i've noticed several. my biggest question is, are the bassist themselves too proud to seek our advice. i'll answer this because i have a GK amp.

GK is really wiered about their amps. sometimes you get lemmons and some times you get great amps form them. i have the exact same problem with mudd tone coming from it. alot of it has to do with the contour and boost feature it comes with. plus the active and passive button on it. i've noticed on mine when im using my schecter with the active humbuckers. i cant click on my active switch. but on my squier deluxe 5, i can. but the boost and contour buttons can become a tonal nightmare. if you are using little boost. you can raise your contour, if you are using alot of boost, lower your contour.. cant use both wide open like i did on a peavey. the most i can suggest if that doest help is do what im about to do for now. im going out and getting a graphic EQ pedal. or if i had enough money. trading the hunk of junk in on an Ashdown or atleast a decent hartke
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Not to point the direction at the TS, but seriously! Anyone else notice this, or am I just ranting again?

I noticed too...But you did kinda rant again
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.