k so when I'm playing scales, as I'm coming down I can go nearly twice as fast as I can while I'm going up. why is that and how can i go faster?
thats kinda funny/scary, cuz today at my lesson my teacher said that to me too, teh onyl thing i can think of is it's easier for our wrists to move that way than the oposite
i really have no idea but i'd like to know so i can make myself go faster going up
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I had an issue with that too. Play whatever scale it is until you want to gag, it should help. Making you own little 6 note shapes can help for certain parts too.
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I have the same thing, i think it has something to do with the picking hand when going from high to low. i watched both of my hands(was playing close so i could see). I noticed going back low, my right hand isnt has smooth going high. which could mean, needs practice.
It's natural to be able to go from low to high faster. Practice is the answer to getting faster on scales, leads whatever. YourDad is right, as are the teachers. Practice practice practice.