I'm looking for a halfway decent guitar that's pretty cheap so I can start messing around with it [changing pickups, custom finishes etc.]
The guitar MUST have:
a humbucker in the bridge
a standard tremolo [no FL's or locking trems unless someone is willing to show me a diagram so I can take it off and put it back if i decide to put a custom finish on the guitar]

It would be nice, but NOT necessary, if the guitar has:
a maple fretboard [personal preference]
24 frets
XL frets

Try to keep it under $300?
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i personally dont know of any guitars with a maple fretboard AND 24 frets.
in my experience its one or the other.

maple fret board, try a squire

24 frets, try a jackson maybe?

if you only want to change color and pickups then you should make sure you like everything else about it.
your best bet might be a mexican strat maybe, i know they scrub up pretty good if u get a nice one.