Check this out


has anyone used these before because this is hella cheap and i am extremely tempted to buy them
i mean i know they wont be great but still, they cant be THAT bad can they?

if i buy these i can change my strings more often and doesn't a new set of low qaulity strings sound better than a good set of strings that are kinda old?

help please!

(if there's something wrong with them plz explain how/why)

I say buy 1 pair and see if u like them then decide. I can be pretty sure they would be better then rusty 1s but dont quote me on that. Make sure their the right gage first.
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A guy who worked at a store here told me they were useless, kind of like Squier strings. He had issues with them breaking under tension. by the time you go through 3 or 4 packs you could of just bought a pack of something

i had a set of squire strings on my guitar for over a year and they didnt break although they did sound horrible so if these are like the squire strings then what the hey

the thing about buying them is that ill have to pay shipping and handling which is like $5.95 US
which isnt really worth it unless i buy a bunch of them so.....