like when im playing 5 feet left of my amp it sounds great, if i play 2 feet in front of it it sounds bad,
yep, and i dont want another frequency freak coming on here and showing diagrams and what not, it gets annoying trust me, its just where you are playing from, trust me it only matters about 10-15 feet away where you will need to cut through the mix.
Thats the way it goes. Try and dial in your amp with the speakers aiming right at your ears. That way when you mic your amp or play a show with it, youll know youve dialed it in to what the crowd/mic hears, not you.

If that makes any sense at all...
I think it's largely because the high frequencies are more directional with cone speakers. At 5 feet away, you're getting a more balanced mix of the lows and highs. When you stand closer, your ears are out of the path of the high frequencies, leaving lots of lows to sound like mud in your ears.

If you put the amp on a chair, you will probably have a better sound even if you stand closer to it.