I need feeling and emotion in more of my music playing. Where does that come from. Im saying my scales sound more like scales. Is it jsut a matter of practice and jsut reaching down and improving and jsut when the sound comes that i like i keep it?
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You just have to feel it.....Music is all about playing what you feel, just incorporate the scales into your improv....
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You can't just choose a scale and sound good!
It has to be from you!
From the hours of improvising!
From coming up with hundreds of bad licks so that you lean a different way then BAM - something good comes.

There's your answer.

Of course though, using a catchy scale can help but it sounds cheap.

I repeat; HOURS.
*shrugs* I don't know...
shouldn't scales sound like scales? if you're trying to sound more melodical, work on keeping your musical phrases together, and using dynamics to help with that.
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Once you get to a point in guitar playing that you know chords and scales and some songs, you need to just sit with your guitar and play whatever comes to your fingers. You won't be able to improv like the pros just by studying scales. If you just pick up your guitar and play around on it you'll come to a point and realize, hey, I'm getting better at this. You can learn hundreds of songs and all the scales but that doesn't mean you know how to pave your own way, that's something you only really get through experimentation and a lot of time spent playing nothing.
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