which OD should i get to get pop punk/punk like blink-182 and greenday, bad religon and social distortion, and metal like avenged 7 fold, trivium, all that remains,

my plan was for pop punk and punk get a english muffin, while for
the metal i need help.

i was thinking a maxon od808, or a ibanez ts9. the od needs to boost cleans and distortion. im gonna get a tube amp soon prolly a jcm900.

ps i have a mt-2 metal zone, i heard keeley can mod it for you? how is that?
You made a thread about this the other day.
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idk about your mt-2 all i know is that it sucks, in the tone department. i would suggest a ts9dx or a maxon pro+1 the maxon was co mae with the guitarist from killswitch engage i think. the ts9dx is good and it has a turbo setting that has a bit more bass response so for those palm muting lows.
Don't need an OD for pop-punk. I'd use it for metal though.
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