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Wrong. Chances are, it's not. Read here.
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if ur willing to use just two speakers, yes.
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It all depends on the impedence of the speakers and if they are dvc or not. Two 8ohm series gives you 16ohm, two 8ohm parallel gives you 4ohm or two 8ohm series (4ohm)wired parallel with another pair 8ohm series(4ohm) give you a total of 8ohm load, which is probably how your cab is wired. So either add a load or get different impedence speakers. 2ohm DVC Voice coils wired in parallel, speakers wired in series will give you a 4ohm load.

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No, you won't be able to wire it for 4 ohms, unless the speakers are dual coil, which most guitar speakers are not. Most likely your speakers are 8 ohms each, wired two in series, then both pairs in parallel, giving you 8 ohms.
yeah klosenger is right you cant wire it for 8 ohms unless you have it working as a 212 cab. then you can get a 4 ohm impendanec