I'm a guitarist who's looking for a band to be in....basically any type of metal I'm up for....I teach guitar lessons, and I'm self taught. I know the scales, and I'm good for both Rhythm and Lead guitar... I can also sing as well and write lyrics(won multiple awards for songs/poetry). I'm 17, and live in the Reading, PA area(Blandon, PA) to be exact. I'm highly influenced by King Diamond, Iron Maiden, Iced Earth and Slayer.
lol will do...I was in a band, but they weren't dedicated....Pissed me off when i came up with **** and they'd change the genres every two seconds
dude...im the person that might start a band...i dont really know
everyone just says i need a band (not just losers that dont know ****...but people that are starting to do small gigs...they are alll from my school)
i am only 13
but im good
ive been playing piano for 6 years so i know alot of bass which ive only played a year.
idk know but i think im good.
i live in york pa
you are about 1 hour 15 minutes away
inbetween lancaster and reading would be halfway