Alright, I tried this in the Electric Guitar forum with no luck, so I figured you guys would know more about this. I bought an Ibanez AS73 a couple of months ago, and I absolutely love it, but I would love it more with a Bigsby. Yes, I've seen the kits on Musician's Friend, but I didn't really know which one would be the best one for my guitar. Also, since a tremolo might make the guitar go out of tune more, I was also looking into buying some better tuners. Any help is appreciated thanks.
i dunno about the trem, as im not a bigsby fan, but id suggest Schallers in general for tuners.
I have the same guitar in the transparent red. I think it beats my Gibson SG in terms of everything, but sometimes I get the feeling I'd want a Bigsby as well. As far as tuners go, the stock ones are fantastic, and the Planet Waves locking tuners that I bought for another guitar didn't stay in tune as well as the stock Ibanez. Someone suggested the Schaller, so I'd try those.

I'm a big help, aren't I?

As far as the bigsby, It's either the B3 or B7. See if a shop around you has some and measure a few.