Being a lefty I finally have realized what **** choices there are for lefty guitars. So I decided i'll just pull a hendrix and string it upside down.....is it really that simple?
You'll have to reverse your nut (how gay sounding) and re-intonate the bridge, then remount your strap holes.
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(^^ EDIT: That too.)

depends on the sound and exactly what what your doing.

if it were me, id go in and flip the pups too, and then string it like you would a conevtional guitar (low e closest to you)

but, of course, it would change the sound if you just conventionally strung it and left the pups as-is.

experimenting is a a wonderful thing.
Somewhat, you have to flip both nuts around and then string it upsidedown, it's still a lil awkward when trying to control the pickup switch and volume. Oh and you have to move one of the strap pegs to the other side of the guitar if you plan to stand.
you'll have to flip the bridge saddles and nut around. you'll also have to flip the pickups around if you don't wanna sound like hendrix.
hmm....i'm interested on how it will sound with reversed pups now, thanks for the info.
are you doing a strat or something similar?

if its a strat, leave the neck regualr and flip the middle. or, go in and add a place for another pickup infront of the bridge and flip THAT one and take out the middle.
ok wow lots of weird suggestions:
youll need to get a NEW nut since if you just flipped it the rounded over part would be facing down the neck which is a no no.

If its humbuckers you dont need to do anything at all with them. If its single coils it depends on if they are vintage staggered(youll need to flip them) or flat (no flipping needed) magnets

You do not need to move the saddles around except for re intonating the strings since the gauges are flipped and all. You also need to move the strap button like mentioned

hope this helps
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No need to flip pickups, it's probably not possible anyway. If the nut has a flat top (mine do), you can just flip that around. Move the strap button, reintonate, and that's about it.
It's not difficult at all, like everyone said you need a new nut. Flip the saddles and you're pretty much set. Don't bother flipping the pickups.

You will need to adjust your picking style, it might take some getting used to. One problem on strats is that when upside down the cord gets right in the way of your wrist. Try to find a cord with a short connector to help alleviate this.
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