Hey guys we're looking for a design for a poster. If you could find a decent image for the background or to fill the poster, that'd be great. We're called 'The Syne' and we're a metal/hard rock band. Anything that looks nice would be appreciated. Also, please try to make it a bigger picture. The poster itself is going to be 18x24 but the original print we're making will be 9x12. Thanks.
dont be cheap..... pay some one for there effort
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Me 2 I Need A Band Logo ........
My Band Name Is >>>>sunder<<<<
And Some Examples Of Our Favorite Bands Are Alter Bridge , Guns And Roses , Daughtry , Edguy And Many More..............
Pls Help Me In Making My Band Logo..........
just thought i would use this thread to tell of how awefull the logo exchange thread in the "promote" or which ever forum it is is.

for the few people that get logos, they are bloody awesome. for the thousands of other people continually overlooked. its a bit of a pain.

especially when the "my friend and i pretend to be in a band" guy gets the logo,
and the "my band is playing a gig this weekend to thee k of paying customoers, the promoter wants a banner, care to help?" guy gets overlooked.
There is a thread for it. If you don't like it, too bad. If it's not happening there, it's not gonna happen here either.
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