I've been playing guitar for several years now and have reached a lack of direction as where to go with my next purchase, therefore I am seeking advice.
My current setup looks like: Epiphone Les Paul Custom, LTD KH 602, LTD Alexi 600 into a Mesa Triple Rectifier.
My problem is I don't know what to do with my next purchase. A nice acoustic? I probably would rarely use it. Effects? I have a Wah and a Flanger and thats all I need. I can play Metal, Hard Rock, Blues; hell I've even played with some jazz students from my college.
I just don't know where to go. Maybe a guitar with single coils or something.


Advice will be much appreciated. Don't be rude and ask me to give you my money. I was poor in college for 4 years and finally have some cash.

I decent acoustic. I picked up one so I can play without plugging in and it's great for practicing. Plus I always wanted an electric acoustic and never had one. Good luck.
a strat maybe?? or maybe something you dont have so you can mess around with. the only thing i can think of is a killswitch or something like that.

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maybe a semi hollow electric?
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maybe your idea of some single coils, as in maybe a Strat or Tele. Only other thing I can think of is another instrument entirely, like bass, keyboard, harmonica, or something non-guitar related for a while.
a fretless, or a classical acoustic (would have a much different feel and sound than an electric)

another instrument? bass at least
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Well go with what you want...if you think you NEED a better or louder amp, then get one. If you think you NEED a new guitar, look into getting one.

I think its best to save your money and buy something you need or if there is nothing you actually need....then just go with something that will make you happy.
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You may want to look into grabbing a power attenuator for the Rec. so you can push it harder at lower volume though.

i have a rec and on the back is a swich that acts as a power attentuator. The switch is modeled after the one EVH used on his Marshall (the variac or something). Its a really great feature you dont have to spend extra money for.

As for what you might want to purchase
Maybe a nice gibson or prs?
and if you want something to fool around with, pick up a boss loop station-rc-20xl--its a load of fun

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may be you should get a second amp and a splitter and you can have two completely different sounds at one time it actually is a really cool sounding setup
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