I was looking at the following two classical guitars and was hoping to get some input.
One has a 46mm nut width and the other is 50mm. I don't even know the size of a standard classical guitar but I have do have small hands and wondered if these would be good choices.



Well, it's not an authentic classical guitar if it's a cutaway. The second one looked more for Flamenco (Flamenco guitars are generally lighter in color and have lower action).

It depends on your hands, too. Segovia had huge hands, and high action was better for him. I have long but thin fingers. People like me can play high action, but the playing is more likely to sound really bad. The first one doesn't seem to have high action, nor low. Just normal. The second one looks better if you want to play more spanish-sounding music.

If I had to choose out of those two, I'd get the first, but neither look better or worse. Just different. You have to decide which you think is better for your needs.
Flamenco guitars have lower actions, smaller bodies and golpeadores. I'm not sure of the wood choices now. Anyway, if they don't, they aren't flamenco. I wouldn't recommend either of those guitars. Look at a brand called Alhambra and see what you can find in your range.

IMHO cut-away =/= wise choice.
Well thanks for your information - alot of things to consider. I was trying to narrow it down to a few choices with a thinner neck.