my amp will have enough power to push the speaker right?

it won't sound crap because the wattage rating is haigher on the speaker?
It should work fine. If you think about it, even if you had an 80 watt amp, you would be able to not crank it, so it would not be giving 80 watts, and it would be fine.
^indeed. And because most amps wattage is rated in RMS (which is clean volume), they maximal wattage is also higher after distorting. So it's often a good idea to get a speaker that is higher wattage than the amp.
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it depens ont hte cab too. an open back cab is more dangerous ecause it doesnt have an air cushion to prontect the speaker from too much excursion which mightr damage the cone. but a closed back is ok and wont fart owyt it woll wojr

Umm, what?
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