hey guys

this maybe a dumb question but i jus wanna know...is it possible to play live/at a show with a 20 watt amp?coz i mean i use a starfire mega 10 which is 20 watt amp and it does have a line out so im just wondering if i do connect it to all the monitors and stuff the venue provides will i be able to put on a good show with that amp?
is it tube or ss? If it's a relatively small venue (<200 people) you should be fine... if its ss, you'd definitely need to run it through the monitors
If you mic it, you'll be fine.

EDIT: Assuming your amp is SS. If it's tube, it should be loud enough on its own.
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mic it and it should do for a small gig

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If its a tube, 20 watts will be more than enough, ifits a SS then you will HAVE to mic it up or run it through the venues PA, otherwise the audience aint gonna hear ya

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on the other hand a 20watt SS amp will likely sound rubbish
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