I'm having a rough time with tapping, or more of a misunderstanding with it.

I've always had trouble with tapping, but I've just been told that my technique is totally wrong. Here's an example: the first line of the tapping part in 'Eruption'.

e| 7p 2h 5p 2 (and so forth)

What I do, is hit the string against the fretboard, and almost pluck it with the end of my finger to hammer it off. My friend told me that the correct way to tap is not to pluck anything, but to just hit your finger against the fretboard, and just remove it. I tried it this way, and it works, but not as cleanly and loud as my way.

What is the correct way to tap?

use picky for 5, station index at 2, use second hand for 7 i guess - good luck!
find Kristofer Dahl's lesson for tapping on the internet. I've seen it as an ad in some tabs. Thats how I learned to tap, and I'm getting quite good at it
Actually the beginning of the tapping section in Eruption starts with this:

9p2h5 (and that is on the B string)

When you tap, you should tap the string, but then pull off the string, not just lift your finger up. If you just lift your finger, the sound will be too weak.
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You're right, you're supposed to pull/ pluck the string a little when you tap to help it ring.

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Yeah, you kinda flick your finger down a little as you pull it away to get the note to sound, exactly like a left hand pull off.