Hey all,

This is my first posting, so if I did anything wrong I apologize in advance, kinda new to this whole thing. Anyway, I just wanted to get some opinions on this little piece I've been working on. It has some horns in it and some ska feel, but I also think there's more to it. JUst looking for some opinions. Thanks.

Sounds like it was played on an 80's Casio keyboard.

Good song, not so good production of the music. The synth horns are a bit cheesy, and the beat is very weak. The writing of all these parts, however, was pretty good.

I'd like to hear it all reproduced using Reason 4 or something like that with some good quality Midi synths.

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Yeah, sorry, i did do it in guitar pro then exported the MIDI to an MP3 because I don't have any recording equipment. So i decided to write out the whole bit. I haven't really found a band so I've just been writing ideas in guitar pro with simple drum beats. Hopefully I'll be able to record it again someday with some actual musicians. Again, sorry about the poor quality.