What's up UG? I'm kinda worried because I'm getting a band together with some friends of mine who all have been playing for a long time and are (not to brag) really good, except for our bass player who hasn't even been playing for a whole year.

So my question is, do you guys think it'll be possible to have a bass player who isn't very good in a band with people who have more experienced? Do you think he'll be able to keep up or will it slow down the band having to basically give him lessons just so he can learn the songs?
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you should be ok with a bassist just dont give them crazy lines til they are ready... til then you can have them play a simple bassline
if he has any kind of dedication you should be fine, just have the guitar player spend extra time outside of practice helping him, but you will notice after a while his improvement from playing with the band and not to mention the drummer. just have patience and if he doesnt progress and is reluctant to try any harder then get rid of him
It slows it down, my bassist was a noob, was very annoying having to teach him songs, it was messing up our jams too
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In my band I've been working with a bassist who's barely even played before. When he offered to play, I spent a frustrating half hour trying to teach him the main bassline of Achilles Last Stand. It's a pretty tough bassline, especially for someone who's never played before. He wasn't getting it at all, even at extremely slow speed.

I was prepared to let him down the next Monday. But when we met I figured I'd give him a second chance. He whipped out the bassline, and it was perfect at full speed. He eventually learned the rest of the basslines at full speed as well. Just goes to show you that sticking with an inexperienced bassist can pay off.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Everyone has to start somewhere. He will be fine. A great trick for someone new to the Bass is to listen to the drummer while watching the guitar player (You?), specifially, the guitarists top finger positions when he is playing chords. The top finger is usually on the root note. Have him play the matching whole note on the bass. Practice a lot and he will have it down in no time. Also, while he is learning, have the guitarist hit the bass notes harder and tell the drummer to kick his bass a little harder, too. Rock on.

If he's dedicated, then playing with a bunch of more experienced guys should help him a lot, as long as you are dedicated to improving him as well. As a bassist, he should be able to hide behind the guitarist by playing root notes and the likes for a while until he's able to play more intense parts. But unless you want one of your players to be invisible, make sure you keep pushing him to get better, and don't let him forget that he needs to be working the hardest to catch up.
If your band is as "experienced" as you say, then it will be a great learning experience for him and he will grow as a musician. Keep him on.
I have that problem...but with the other guitarist.

I'm not saying i'm great, because i'm not, but I can play at least.

Problem is he is a stupidly nice guy and I feel like a dick to say anything
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Playing in a band could help improve his bass playing. Try it out, and if it doesn't work explain to him that he's too new at bass
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