I recently purchased a ibanez sa36fm ssh config guitar with a "true duo bucker" humbucker. It produced true feedback so I bought a seymour duncan invader. This was my first try at replacing a pickup in a guitar, but I figured I needed to learn sometime. I installed the pickup and it works, but for some reason I have to have the volume knob in the up position and it should be in the down position to use the whole humbucker. Any ideas or easy ways to just do away with the coil-split altogether? I pretty much just matched all the wires on the new pick up to where the old one was hooked up, with the only difference being the ibanez 5 way switch wire was blue, and the seymour duncan is green.
Put both hot wires from the hum bucker right to the volume pot or switch depending on what comes first. By pass the coil tap.