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....You Have a Time Machine & you can go back & see just one concert that you eigther missed or were to young to see.
what concert would it be? For me it would have to be either Cold Chisels-The Last Stand OR Guns'n'Roses 1992(?) Use your illusion tour!
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Does Jesus' speaking count? If so, I'd like to choose Woodstock 94.
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Well Strapping Young Lad are the only one of my absolute favouritest bands evar that have broken up, so I'd see them.
AC/DC live at donnington
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Well Strapping Young Lad are the only one of my absolute favouritest bands evar that have broken up, so I'd see them.

Saw them at Sounds of the Underground. Amazing live show.

I would go back and see one of Mozart's concerts.
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Iron Maiden World Slavery Tour.

I always laugh when I hear that, and wonder if any black people where there.

1992 Black Sabbath tour.
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Yep, Guns' Illusion Tour for me, too.

Oh, and I would've loved to have seen Pantera too, aback in the 90s.
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Maybe the first Pumpkins show at the Metro...
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Nine Inch Nails Fragility tour. That would've been awesome. =(
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Either The Beatles rooftop gig, or RHCP in 1989.

Who are RHCP? I see this acronym and I have no idea what it means!!
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Who are RHCP? I see this acronym and I have no idea what it means!!

HAHAHAHA...... Red hot chilli peppers
id go back in time to 2004 to the damageplan gig and ram my foooot up nathan gales arse !!!!!

dude ?? have you ever had a casual coversation while having sex??

" so erm .. wot do you think of bbc1 ?"
" AAHHHH SH*T !!!! SH*T !!!!! "

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HAHAHAHA...... Red hot chilli peppers

Oh, lame. I was hoping for something obscure.

I also want to change mine to Prince, anytime during the Purple Reign. Oh that is right, I said reign.
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I'd say any Beatles concert where you're able to hear them.
Or Woodstock. No question.
Muse live at Wembley last year

I missed it because my mate (who i was going with) had to have an operation on his knee
Iron Maiden's World Slavery Tour

And also Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion Tour
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I can't believe no one's said Pink Floyd's 1994 PULSE tour!
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Isle of wight festival 1970, amazing performances from Hendrix and the Who
I'd go to 1996, and go to Newcastle to see At The Gates with Dissection on their UK tour
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metallica seattle 89 its just crazy look et the dvd

Hell yeah. I thought it was 88 though? Well either's fine.
Chili Peppers live at Slane Castle (2003). Any day.
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Granted, they're crap, but they're decent.
Alice in Chains. The Unplugged concert in 1996.
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I'd like to warp to 2001 when Opeth had their first American tour...and watch the whole thing...that'd be an epic win for me
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