Hey, i've been playing acoustic for a couple months now and have been thinking of getting an electric guitar, good idea? I've looking at different guitars and the fender strat squiers are looking pretty good. Are they? Or are there any better ones out there? I'm looking for a quite a budget guitar, around 150$ or less....

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they arent spectacular but you can practice on them. ive never really heard of silvertone, but try go for a squier starter pack
Yeah, but i awkwardley live in Indonesia so it's pretty hard to get a pack here, and shipping, well...no. I'll probly buy the guitar buy itself and have to find a good cheap amp...
indonesia? my first ax (a squieR) was made in indonesia, i can actually play on it pretty well
Yeah, i heard they made them here and china...too bad they ship them out straight away...but i'll have a look, there's bound to be something...