first the it should be a little faster. i dont have gp here but right now i can tell u that the begging should be double time . fast picking the notes yur picking are ok but they should be a little lower. so u get a unique solo. Its good ill crit back tommrow.
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i tried faster...i don't think it works...the feeling in it is lost :S
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I the solo sounds awesome. I think it's fine as it is... it just needs a song to go around it now. If you could find a way to build into it from a rythm line or whatever you intend to do with it, I think it will be fine. I tend to like bendy solos, with slow releases. I think it adds to the intensity. It just needs a song around it.

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being the shred head i am, i made one small adjustment to one of the last bars to give the solo a little bit of speed and variation
sounds fine
(test - solo).zip
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