hey guys

i need sum help...ive bin playing guitar for about 2 years now and basically i taught myself everything from the net so im not too clued up on theory. U no in sum songs in the bridge they'll play a solo that matches the exact sound/notes that the main chorus riff plays?(like in Prayer for a refugee by rise against).well how do u no know what frets and strings to solo in to match your chorus riff?does it hav to do with scales or something?
im not quite sure i know what ur saying, but i think what your saying is the lead riff thats played during choruses thats played during a bridge, all you do is play the exact same thing. Unless its something different, or in a different key. But if its in a different key then just change it to that key.
yea keys are everything with guitar. there is a pattern moving from the base not that you can play in any key. ex) 3rd fret...E string is a G note and the beginning of the G scale. when a song is played in G key. you play the G and all the following notes that are in a G chord etc. up the guitar. you should probably learn the notes.
Dustin McCullyDustin McCully